Roxas City with College Kids

Last week, Col and Tintin invited us to come along with them to Roxas City. Tintin is making a project/thesis with 5 of her classmates and she asked us to come if we wanted to. Being kaladkarin people, we decided to accept the invitation. After all, its an all expenses paid trip. Well, not really as we still have to pay for our fare from Iloilo to Roxas and vice versa but upon arrival, everything else depended on Niel’s deep pocket.

We met up with Tintin and 5 ofher classmates at the Tagbak terminal. After an hour or so, we arrived at Roxas City. We got off at some sort of a bus/jeep station away from the city and Neil took it from there.

He had a car waiting for us. The college kids are inside, Tintin drove the car and the freeloaders (me, Tin, Eden, Arthur and Colcol are at the back of the pick up.

We went straight to the Pan-ay Church with its renowned bell. We went up to the bell tower with the help of the “guide”.
After the church, we had our lunch( paid for by Neil) at the seaside restaurant. The menu of our lunch was SEAFOOD OVERLOAD!


Our original plan was to head to Olutayan Island but one of the college kids had an allergy so we went to Gaisano to buy meds and food for the island. We went to the reclamation area sort of Baranggay to meet up with the boatman who will take us to the island but since it was already late in th afternoon and it was raining, they decided to head to the nearest beach instead.
Before that we went to a port where the boatmen had to buy fuel for their boat and headed to the beach. So much for the Olutayan Island trip.

When we got to the beach, there were lots of people and I was sort of disappointed because Manong Boatman told me that the sand was white but it wasn’t. Well, not really because its a combination of both white and black sand.

After picture taking and peeing on the beach, we went back to the reclamation area type of Baranggay. Changed into dry clothes and headed straight to the van terminal that will take us back to Iloilo.

At around 8 pm, we were back at the Tagbak terminal.




Day 1

Left home at 4 pm

Headed to pier for the ship going to Cebu

I am late so we opted for the ro-ro option instead

Went to Jaro Plaza and waited to the jeep that goes to Dumangas

Arrived at the plaza of Dumangas at night and took a motorcycle to the pier

Roro left at 10 pm

Arrived at around 12 in Bacolod

Got a cab and headed towards the terminal for the bus to going to Cebu via Don Salvador Benedicto

Arrived at Cebu in the morning

Day 2

Headed to the hotel that we frequent when were in Cebu

Checked in and waited for Melcy and Lara to arrive

Went to Ayala to meet up with Melcy and Lara

Brunch at Bonchon while waiting

Went to For San Pedro with Melcy and Lara

Tried to book tickets for Tagbilaran but it was too late (a girl even helped us in booking a ticket because she thought we were leaving that night)

We decided to take the Tubigon Route instead

Went to the Plaza Independentia as well as the Cross of Magellan and the Cathedral

Went to the IT park and waited for Mody, the friend of Melcy

He treated us for dinner at Casa Verde

Walked around IT park and left after a few since Melcy and Lara and Mody went to have a massage and we did not want to go with them

Day 3

Woke up to Melcy’s call telling me they are on their way to the port

Bought tickets to the Tubigon port

Arrived at Tubigon and took a bus to Tagbilaran

Went to the Mall to buy our food and met with our guide

Sightseeing in and around Bohol

Chocolate Hills, Laoy, Tarsiers, Churches and the like

At 4 pm, we headed towards Panglao as we booked a room there

Bathed at the beach, walked around the place and had our dinner

Prepared to leave early the next day

Day 4

Waited for our guide to fetch and take us to the terminal of buses going to Tubigon

Bought tickets and arrived in Cebu before lunch

Met up with Mody again at SM Cebu

Left Melcy and Lara as they are taking a plane back home

Checked in at the Tower Hotel since we decided to stay for the day as  the roro bus to Bacolod had left already

Had dinner at IT park, bought shoes and stuff.

Day 5

Headed back to the terminal for the bus to Bacolod

Arrived in Toledo city, bought a ticket and arrived in San Carlos

Arrived in Bacolod City, headed towards the port and bought a ticket to Iloilo

Headed straight towards the motorcycle terminal and arrived at the Tagbak terminal

Took a jeep home

Kalinga Trip


October 17

Met at SM City Iloilo at around 7 AM

Arrived in Manila at around 9 AM

Brunch at a “canteen” inside/outside NAIA Terminal 3

Asked for directions from the waitress on how to get to the nearest MRT terminal

Got off at the GMA Kamuning station

Booked a ticket for the 7 pm bus going to Tabuk via Victory Liner

Paid 2300 plus for 4 tickets

Took a cab to Araneta Center

Left bags at SM Cubao

Bought stuff (canned goods, candies and such) at Gateway

Dessert at DQ

Burger at Army Navy

Got bags from SM Cubao and took a cab to Vitory Liner Kamuning

Bus left at 7 pm

October 18

Arrived in Tabuk at around 6 am

Got a call from our guide, Sir Francis telling us to get off at Bulanao.

Saw our landmarks ,Saint William’s Church and the Farmer with carabao

Asked around if the area where we’re standing is indeed the “terminal” for jeeps to Tinglayan

Lady with CDR King LED TV confirmed. She is a fellow passenger at the jeep that is to arrive

Bought drinks and bread at the store nearby

Answered to nature’s call via the paid CR

Picture taking galore while waiting for the jeep

At around 6:30, big jeep with ancient driver arrived

Lolo (he is really old, calling him MANONG DRIVER seems improper to me) Driver arrived told us that it will take 2 up to 3 hours to get to Tinglayan, the fare is 100 pesos and that the jeep will leave at 7 AM.

There are other passengers but Lolo Driver did not wait for the jeep to be jam-packed before leaving

Maybe it was really around 7 that we left because we arrived at Tinglayan at around 10 am

Before getting to Tinglayan, we passed by two or three town centers and passed by one bus/jeepney stop with a paid CR

We ate at Sleeping Beauty Inn and asked people if they know where Francis is

They volunteered to call him for us since my phone has no signal there

He arrived as we are having our brunch. Mind you guys, the rice that they serve that Sleeping Beauty Inn is HUMONGOUS

After having our brunch, he told us that he has another set of guests arriving from Tabuk and if its okay for us to wait for them

We said yes because were nice that way. =)

They arrived at around 11 or something

They had a car (rented from Manila)  so they did not have any problem in getting to Bugnay Junction

Our case is different, since we were “car-less” and jeeps passing by Tinglayan and Bugnay Junction are only until 12 noon

Sir Francis had a hard time finding a jeep for us to hitch

Its a good thing that the councilor of the place (sorry Sir, I forgot your name) went back and told us we can hitch but have to wait until 4 pm

So from 1 pm up to 4 pm, we were stuck at the sitting area outside of the Sleeping Beauty Inn dining hall

When the councilor’s car passed by,we were very excited to leave that we forgot to thank the people at the Inn for accommodating us

I thought it was just the 4 of us who are going to hitch up to Bugnay Junction but when we passed by the school, children and teachers ran towards the vehicle throwing their bags and before we know it, the car is full of people

The road is long and winding plus the steel frame at the back of the truck that serves as handrail for people who are standing and seats for children who are toploading is not strong so the councilor had to stop and remind us from time to time

The councilor’s car is going way beyond Bugnay Junction which is good for us all as it means less walking time

We got off at an area where people park their motorcycles and cars and started to walk towards Buscalan

Cliffs, uphill steps and a bridge with no side handles

I stopped several times along the way, an old guy helped me with my bag

Eden was heading along with Francis. Arthur had to go back and forth to help me and Augustin was behind me

With my pace (turtle-esque), it was dark when we arrived in Tinglayan

Young people are singing using native instruments and Fang Ud was out and about

We said Hi to her as well as to the Manila people who were there ahead of us because they had a car

We went straight towards the house of Grace (Fang Ud’s niece) as we are going to stay in their house

According to Francis, there are two houses in Buscalan that are open to homestaying guests

One is Fang Ud’s, another is Grace’s and the third I think is that of their relative

The power was out one our first night

We had our first sip of the Kalinga coffee

We had our dinner of fried etag in the dark

October 19

Woke up early to have our tattoos

We had our breakfast of monggo beans and noodles

I am not used to the combination so I asked Grace’s mother if its okay to open our canned tuna and she told us it okay so we shared it with the whole family

The first one to have a tattoo is Arthur, he had an arm band similar to that of the warriors

Eden is the second to have the tattoo, she chose a design that made Fang Ud laugh and sigh

Augustine is the third in line, he had a coiled snake design

And I was the last one, I chose the river/ mountains design

After the tattooing session, we went around the neighborhood

After a few minutes, Fang Ud went to our guide and told him that one of her relatives is in her house needing money and if its okay we pay her now.

We saw the blacksmith and his assistant, the woman with the 10 days old baby and the dealer with the oil that will make one lose his or her mind

We went back to the house that we were staying at, we had our lunch of boiled etag soup

The three of them slept but I stayed up to chat with the locals

I met Puday, the brother of Fang Ud with the scholar/financial problem. I also met Clarissa, the Criminology student who according to Sir Francis spends a lot of her time in Bontoc sing along bars

I was not able to meet the relative in need of money but they told me that the person in need of money needs to go to the hospital. He needs to recover because he has 9 children to support

In the afternoon, we gave Fang Ud our gifts. We also checked out her “wall of remembrance” inside her house. Eden gave her beads, I gave her a malong

We had our snacks of malagkit rice and Kalinga coffee

At night, we weren’t able to join them in the drinking sessions because Arthur is sick and I accidentally broke the Emperador Light that we brought

We spent the night fixing our stuff because we have to leave early the next day

October 20

We woke up early and prepared to leave

We gave Grace’s mom the bag with the money and some goodies, we also gave Sir Francis our payment. The sister of Fang Ud with the husband who helped me carry my bag I gave another malong and the husband with who helped me with my bag I gave a wallet

Some of the stuff that were to many to give, we gave to the Tribe Chief so he could distribute it to the others. Those were pencils, matches, candies and the like.

We started our trek going back to Bugnay

I noticed that the trek going back is so much easier than the trek going there.

Sir Francis pointed out to us where the lips, forehead, nose, boobs and the like of the  Sleeping Beauty Mountain is.

Again, we were lucky to spot a jeep that is going to Bugnay. We actually thought that it was for free since we’ve been hitching since we got there but the conductor asked us a fee of 10 pesos eac.

We took a jeep going to Bontoc and paid 80 pesos each.

The driver dropped us at the office of Cable Tours/ GV Florida, we bought tickets for Manila at 650 each

The trip to Manila leaves at 3 pm so we had a lot of time to kill at Bontoc

We shopped around for coffee and ukay-ukay.

It was a Sunday so the Plaza is filled with Wagwag galore

We had our lunch at the Walter Hotel at the parking area of the jeeps going to Sagada

Bus left at 3 PM and we arrived in Manila at 3 AM the next day

October 21

We got of at Cubao Station

We checked in at Crest Hotel

Slept for a few hours and left the hotel at 9 AM to have our brunch at Chic Boy and desserts at JCo

Headed back to Farmer’s for the MRT station and got off at Boni Station and took a jeep to JRU to look for Tres Kuleros

Vinyl Shopping Galore

Went back to the MRT station and got off at Kamuning

Took a cab to Diliman and ate at Ice Creamist

Ordered To-Go at The Burger Project

Took a cab back to Crest Hotel

Walked towards Farmers again and got off at Taft Station

Took a cab to MOA but before that argued with the dispatcher

Shopping galore for pasalubongs

Took  a cab to NAIA

Puerto Princesa Tour

2013-01-27 12.05.58


Arrived at the airport
Waited for the service
Checked in at Sotera
Lunch at Balinsasayaw
Met up with Weng, our city tour guide
Went to the Blue Church, the Cuartel, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Souviner Shop
Went back to Sotera to freshen up
Met Grace, our tour guide
Firefly watching with snacks
Ate dinner at Kinabuch’s
Back to Sotera


Met Grace, our guide for Honda Bay tour
Arrived at the Port and checked out Pearls and stuff sold by locals
Island Hopping (3 Islands)
-First island is where we had our lunch, snorkeled and bathed
-Second island is where we slept. Harren and Eden plus all the other tourists took photos here because they have big frames for perspective photography.
-Pambato Reef snorkeling
Went back to mainland
Slept for a while
Went to souvenir shop
Ate dinner at Ja’s in the baywalk area
Went to some convenient store before going back to Sotera

Met up with Maricel, our Underground River tour guide
Stopped over at a Souvenir Shop
Arrived at Port Barton
Looked for a Chao Long place
Bought Ice Cream Shake (175 pesos)
Ate at Las Pinas restaurant
Took a boat to the Underground River
Back to the City at 2 pm
Rest for a while at Sotera
Went back to the souvenir shop
Ate Bona’s
Walked all the way to Sotera

Cubiao Escapade

October 13

Met with Eden, Hart and Og at the Antique Terminal
Arrived at Mark’s place in Culasi at around 9 pm
Ate dinner, waited for Harren.
Slept in a huge room, all 5 of us.
Socialized at the veranda

PS: Manong Sando told us where the house of Crispin Solis is but disappeared after we got out of the van

October 14

Breakfast of egg and noodles
Bought food for the Tibiao adventure
Trina ordered cake for Mark’s birthday Ninja-style
Took a ceres to Tibiao
Habal-habal galore to Bugtong Bato Falls
Donna arrived
Ate “bread” for lunch with the guide JP and I forgot
Hitched with some of Eden’s work mates
Picture taking with Richie
Hitched on Manong Bernard’s car in going to the main road.
Took a tricycle to the thin line that divides Tibiao-Culasi
Took another tricycle to Culasi Central School where Mark’s house is located
Left stuff and headed to the beach near the port
Picked up sea glasses
Watched sunset
Bathed at the beach
Went to the port
Ate isaw along the way
Took another tricycle going back to Mark’s house
Had dinner
Socialized and waited for 12 for Mark’s birthday
Sang to him

October 15

Woke up at 9
Had brunch with the cake
Sang Happy Birthday to Mark again
Headed to the van terminal
Got stranded somewhere
Transferred to two vans before finally reaching Iloilo

Lagaw sa Davao

Title: Lagaw sa Davao

Cast: Me, Tin, Harren, Mate, Eden, Arthur

Date: August 23 to 27

Location: Davao City

August 23

Late in arriving at SM for the shuttle
Met with Mate, Harren, Eden and Arthur at the airport
Plane was late, Free Chicken Joy
Arrived in Davao
Took a Starex Van
Looked for a place to stay in the city
Settled at Green Windows
Rest for a while
Early dinner at Pards
Went to People’s Park
Walked around the city

August 24

Ate breakfast at a carinderia
Went to Magsaysay Park for the Samal Bus
Got off at Babak Market
Went to Monfort Bat Cave
Headed to Hagimit Falls
Driver told us not to go to Moncado House because it rained the other day
Ate lunch at a carinderia nearby
Went to Blu Jaz but it’s closed
Headed back to Davao instead
Went back to Green Windows
Rested for a while
Ate dinner at Majid’s

August 25

Ate breakfast at a Big Boss with a sleepy waiter
Walked to the terminal for the bus to Bagiuo District
Took a tricycle to the Philippine Eagle Center
Explored the place
Took another tricycle back to the market for the bus back to Toril
Got off at some area near Toril and took a jeep
Took a habal-habal to get to Eden Park
Ate the free food that comes along with the entrance
Explored the place
Took another habal-habal to go back to Toril
Took a jeep to get to downtown Davao City
Went back to Green Windows
Rested for a while
Went out for dinner at Banok’s

August 26

Ate breakfast at a carinderia near Tapsi
Went to Lon Wa Temple
Took a jeep to GMall
Shopped at Tribu
Took a cab to Crocodile Park
Explored the area and had lunch at K Mindanawan
Took a cab to Abreeza
Enjoyed the free air conditioning in the mall
Went to Aldevinco
Walked back to Green Window
Stopped at a film screening area
Shopped at Davao Pasalubong Center
Ate Durian
Ate at a Silog Place for dinner
Arrived at Green Window

August 27

Woke up early
Took a cab to the airport
Arthur bought pomelo along the way
Checked in, waited for flight
Arrived in Iloilo after 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Last Dance

If you think that this post is about Diana Ross, then you are wrong. This is about my friend Cathy who just like Diana Ross, is into singing too. ( Take note, I said into singing, not GOOD in singing. Hahaha)

Anyway this post is about our (LAST) trip took place last March 2012. She left for NZ mid-March if I am not mistaken and a week or two before her departure, her Dad permitted her to take an overnight trip with friends.

You see, its been months since we were not able to hang out with her for an overnight trip because her Dad is a bit strict. That is why when he permitted her to go, we grabbed the chance to leave even though we did not have any plans at all.

We left on a Saturday morning. We headed to the Bacolod Ferry Terminal as we finally decided to hit Mambukal. Cathy may have been to Mambukal several times but Augustine, Erik and I were virgins of the place.

Upon arrival at Bacolod, we headed to SM City to buy stuff. For lunch, we ate at the Manokan Country. It was my first time to eat there. I may have been to Bacolod several times now but I have never been there.

After lunch, we headed straight to the Murcia Jeep Terminal. There are two routes in getting to Mambukal. One is by the ceres and another one is by jeeps where you have to go down at Murcia Town Proper and take another jeep that will to take you to Mambukal. Fare is the same for both modes of transportation, the only difference is the sort of hassle that the transfer will cause.

We took the jeep option, where we transferred to a mini-bus upon arrival at the Murcia Town Proper. We did not care about the transfer, we only wanted to make the most of our time so we picked this method as the jeep was leaving soon.

The terminal of the mini-buses was right in front of Mambukal’s gate. It is literally just a few steps away from the resort.

We did not have any tents, the receptionist told us that the resort was fully booked. It was a good thing that a guy who may or may not work there approached us and told us that we can stay at the rooms outside.

We haggled with the woman who owns the place. In the end, we had a  room with two beds, a fan and a bathroom with a huge window.

We changed our clothes and headed inside the resort. It was big and green. It was very forest-y.

We decided to do the falls trekking ASAP as we might not have the time tomorrow. The guide who approached us was the same guy that we used in the 7 Falls Trek. You see, there are a lot of guides lurking here and there in Mambukal. they offer their services to tourists who may want to check the 7 Falls out.

On the 4th or 5th  Falls, there were children who “guided” us. They walked with us until the 7th Falls. I thought they were doing it for fun but in the end, they asked for money. We gave them 20 pesos.

After the trek, we headed to the Sulfur Pool and rest for a while. It was scorching hot but very relaxing. There are lots of people in the pool. Old men trying to cure skin problems, paralytics trying to rejuvenate their dead body parts and so on. At this point, we can’t be so particular as we wanted to rest in the pool, who cares about diseases when you are dead tired?

We felt hungry so we went back to our place and slept. Since Augustine and I do not drink, Cathy and Erik has no choice but to not drink as well. I don’t know if they were forced but as far as I am concerned, I don’t care if they drink, all I want is to get some sleep as I was not able to sleep the night before the trip.

In the morning, we headed back to the resort which in a way caused trouble because they wanted us to pay for the entrance fee again. We told the woman there that the receptionist the other day told us we can come in and out of the resort as we please until tomorrow. She gave in and allowed us to enter the resort again.

We played at the playground. Waited for Cathy and Erik as they Ziplined and kayaked at the lagoon. Then we went at a nearby pool. Boy, it was a lot of fun.

The thing with Mambukal is that everything has its corresponding fees. Yes, the 50 pesos entrance fee may be cheap but it’s just the entrance fee. You have to shell out another 50 pesos for using the pool, another 50 pesosfor boating and so on.

After the pool, we headed back to our place. Changed our clothes, packed our bags and took the bus to take us back to Bacolod.

The word EXCITING does not even amount to the thrill that we felt as we were walking from SM City Bacolod up to the Pier. Of the 4 of us, Cathy was in a hurry because she told her father that we were just going to Tigbauan, a mere 30 minutes or so away from Iloilo City. It was a good thing that we were able to catch the last ferry going to Iloilo and arrived at about 6 pm or so.

It may or may not be our last trip with Cathy but it will surely be a trip to remember as years go by.

CDO Oddventure

June 8

Met up with Eden and Hart at SM City Iloilo
Printed tickets and headed to the airport
Tried the online check in and now I am sitting one sit apart from Augustine.
Who cares? I got the window seat.
Spotted Guimaras, Negros, Cebu, Bohol and Camiguin on the way.
Arrived at CDO Airport.
Waited for Eden’s cousin who might fetch us.
Took a cab to the Lim Ket Kai Mall.
Met up with Eden’s cousins.
Pretended were not hungry because were too shy to east with them.
Ate at the Foodcourt where a stand that sells all sorts of Filipino Delicacies are found.
Checked in at Balay Mindanao.
Changed clothes, rested and headed to Plaza Divisoria for dinner.
The rain did not deter us from shopping at the Ukay-ukay.
Took another cab to take us back to Balay Mindanao.
Spotted the beautiful lights at the Plaza. Amazed.
Spotted the tents of the Sendong victims at the plaza. Depressed.
Got lost because the driver does not know where Balay Mindanao is.
Got back the Balay Mindanao safely.

June 9

Eden left early for the wedding.
Woke up at around 7 am because the sun is a bitch at our 3rd floor room.
Pretended to be asleep when a relative of Eden knocked on our door.
Eventually told them that we’ll just catch up with them at the church.
Checked out at Balay Mindanao.
Eden’s cousin paid our rooms. (Shucks!)
Went to Lim Ket Kai to buy goggles. (Funny Story!)
Took a cab to the Eco Church where the wedding is.
Left our huge bags at the van of Eden’s cousin.
Loitered at the church.
Convinced Eden to forego the reception and head straight to Bukidnon.
Walked outside of the church.
Took a cab and negotiated with the driver.
Long drive to Bukidnon.
Driver is very friendly.
Saw the staff village at Del Monte.
Passed by the plantation.
Went to Dahilayan.
Got the 3 Zips ticket for 600 pesos.
First two zips where okay.
We had to wait for the rain to stop before we could do the last and longest zip.
Headed back to the Del Monte Farm.
Could not find the “juice” for 20 pesos.
Bought pasalubongs at the store inside the village.
Headed back to CDO.
Got off at a crossing.
Waited for a ceres to take us to Balingoan.
The ceres was full, we had to stand.
Being the weakest of us 4, I was made to sit first when there was a vacant seat.
Arrived at Balingoan at 7 pm.
Took a tricycle to the port but the ferry to Camiguin is already gone.
Stayed at an inn which is more like a house.
Ate Su-Tu- minus the Kil because there are no ATMs in Balingoan and we ran out of money.
ATM is in Camiguin.
Slept at the inn and woke up at 4 am.

June 10

Took the 4 am ferry to Camiguin.
Met up with the guide.
Went to the Katibawasan Falls.
Ate Kiping.
Headed back to Mambajao where a Landbank ATM captured my card.
Went to Ardent Hot Spring.
Proceeded to the White Island.
Ate at a Carinderia.
Watched Pacqiao fight at a house across the carinderia.
Checked out the Sunken Cemetery.
Had a glimpse of the mountain that destroyed the old city of Camiguin but we did not bother going up to its summit as it will take an hour or so and we just did not have the time or energy.
Visited the church ruins.
Headed to the Cold Spring where we bought stuff, checked out the kids and changed to our dry clothes because we are heading back to CDO.
Waited to the roro to issue tickets to Balingoan.
Arrived at Balingoan and took a van to take us back to CDO.
Checked in at GV Tower.
Ate at Kagay’anon Restaurant.
Booked for June 11’s whitewater rafting.
Walked back to GV Tower.

June 11

Woke up at 6 to meet up with the Kagay People.
Met with a Chinese family who are sharing the same jeep with us to the river.
4 hours of Advanced Rafting.
Went back to the city.
Checked out at GV Tower.
Headed to the airport for our 1:45 flight.
Ceb Pac employee told us that the plane is already closed, it was just 1 pm.
Fuck Seat Sales!
Decided to try the CDO-Cebu-Negros-Iloilo route instead.
Took 3 jeeps to the CDO pier.
Booked an 11 pm trip to Cebu.
Went around the city of CDO, checked out the Ukay-ukay and the like to kill time.
The security dog was a Belgian Malinois.
Surprised to see an escalator, arcade and a saloon at the ship.

June 12

Woke up at 7 am.
Ate at the canteen.
Arrived in Cebu.
Bathed at the SM Traveller’s Lounge.
Bought lechon at CNT.
Headed to the north terminal but the ceres for Bacolod is already gone.
Went to the V-hire terminal instead and headed to Toledo City.
Arrived just in time to buy boat tickets that leaves at 1 pm.
Arrived in San Carlos City after an hour or two.
Met Nino again, the Barbie-eyed peanut vendor that we met when we went to Sipaway last month.
Took a tricycle to the ceres terminal.
Arrived at Bacolod City at around 6 pm.
Took two jeep in going to SM Bacolod and walked all the way to the pier.
Roro left at around 8 pm.
Took a tricycle from Dumangas to Tagbak.
Home sweet home.

5 people, 4 days, 3 beaches

April 28

Left Iloilo at around 7 am. (Me, Tin, Donna, Hart and Eden.)

Arrived in Bacolod after 45 minutes.

Headed straight to the South Terminal.

Took the Don Salvador Benedicto Bus

Arrived in San Carlos City after 2 hours or so.

Ate lunch at the terminal carinderia with an Ilongga owner.

Took a tricycle to the pier.

Met Nino, the Barbie-eyed peanut vendor who helped us in getting boat reservation in exchange of the peanuts that Eden will buy the next day.

Took a pump boat in getting to Sipaway Island and arrived at a resort at the tip of the island. However, there are no vacancies in there so we explored the island with the hope of finding a cheaper accommodation but we ended up in Whispering Palms.

We took the family room and paid 4k. This includes entrance fees, use of all facilities, bikes and many more. The “family room” is actually a 2 bedroom single detached home.

We bathed at the beach, explored the mangrove area, ordered food, checked out the animals and I had a biking lesson with Augustine.

If you want to know how it feels like to be rich, this resort is the place to be. Make sure you are nice enough to bargain with the German Manager as they are a bit strict on the rooms and all but you definitely get your money’s worth in this place.

April 29

Check out time is 12 noon. We were saving up for our other destinations so we had “brunch” and shared food. The other night, we emptied the mini-bar so we were saving in the best possible way as we do not want to overspend.

After settling our bill, we left and headed back to the Sipaway Pier. We waited for the banka to leave and as we were waiting, we spotted a vendor who sells “bukayo” for only 1 peso. Its kind of amazing that at this age, there are still things that costs just a peso.

Whenwe arrived at San Carlos, Nino was there again.

Eden got her peanuts, we satisfied all our soda cravings while waiting for their peanut transaction.

We took a tricycle to get back to the terminal but we got hungry so we decided to eat again.

This time, we ate at a carinderia owner by Manong La Carlota. after eating he offered to watch our bags if we wanted to check-out the People’s Park.

And thiswe did so we got another trucclye and headed at the park.

We paid 5 pesos for the entrance and explored the parks’ amenities. We even rested at the amphitheater like area.

After an hour or so, we headed back to th terminal again to get our bags from Manong La Carlota and leave San Carlos via Escalante Route.

We arrived in Sagay at around 6 pm.

We did not know where to stay but Eden and I read about “Balay Something” as a place to stay to we asked the police about its direction and he took us there via the patrol.

It was a lot of fun as some people were looking at us, smiling despite being in a police car. they thought we were being arrested or something,it must have been their first time to see a happy and elated bunch of criminals then.

We settled at Balay Kauswagan and got another family room. This time it is really a room with 3 beds.

We ate our dinner at Enting’s of Sagay and looked for a place where Arthur can withdraw and where we can buy soft drinks.

We then had our swimimng lessons at the Balay Kauswagan swimming pool.

At 10 pm, the pool is closed so we headed to our rooms and sang our hearts out to “When love and Hate Collide”.

We did not stop singing those “big hair band songs” up until we heard a knock from the other room. a sign that we are to shut up. Oh well.

April 30

We headed to Old Sagay but before that we went to the mall and bought goggles and shades.

At Old Sagay, we ate Linaga from a Manong whose carinderia had an air-conditioned room and an SUV parked right outside his store.

We bought bananas, soft drinks and brownies for our Carbin reef escapade.

We met up with Mario, the tourism officer guide or something of Carbin reef.

He gave us some sort of briefing about the island.

We arrived in Carbin and had fun in the sun.

Our snorkeling stuff did not work as expected but what can you expect from a fifty-peso goggles?

We met Manong Deocampo, a guy who is from Dumangas but is a Bantay Dagat at Carbin Reef.

Since we did not rent any tent, Mario told us to just rest at our pump boats but it was a good thing that Manong Deocampo was nice enough to let us stay in one of the tents for free.

Before leaving Carbin, we checked out the clams in one area.

Manong Boatmen even made us try his homemade goggles which is definitely better that what we have.

They asked us about rashguards and all, we told him they can get it from Ukay-ukays but I think there are no rashguard in Sagay’s Ukay-ukay. If only my rashguard was a bit bigger, I would have given it to him.

We left Carbin at around 3 pm. We were met again by Mario. After that we headed to the small market where Mario had his barako coffee but it was no longer available.

We checked out Meseo sang Bata but we did not push thru as the 4-0 peso entrance do not seem to give justice to the insides of the place but I could be wrong about this though.

After heaving Linugaw, soft drinks and coffee, we went to an Ukay-ukay but did not buy anything.

We left Old Sagay and headed back to Balay kauswagan.

Since it was too late for us to go to Lakawon, we decided to stay to Sagay again for the night.

We ate at Glenda’s as suggested by the receptionist.

We walked all the way to the nearest ATM and bought soft drinks before going back to our room to rest.

May 1

We woke up at around 8 am and ate our breakfast at a place near Balay Kauswagan.

We took a tricycle and headed to the terminal.

We arrived in Cadiz Viejo ar around 12 noon and arrange for a 3 pm trip back to the mainland.

We had our lunch at Lakawon.

We bathed, explore and left the island at around 3 pm.

Ut was raining, it was a good thing that the Manong Tricycle got some rain cover from his house to protect our bags.

We waited for a Ceres to take us to Bacolod.

We arrived at the North Terminal at around 6 pm.

We took a jeep to take us to SM and had our lunch at the food court.

We then walked to the pier and waited for the 11 pm roro trip.

We met Steph and negotiated with him if he is okay in accommodating 5 hitchhikers from Dumangas to Iloilo and he said yes and we were all happy as we got off at Jolibee E Lopez.

What You See’ll See In Culasi

Our friend Harren who was working in Culasi invited us to come over for the weekend. Since Eden is already working at San Jose, it was just me, Augustine and Arthur who left Iloilo on Friday afternoon.

Donna, Janice and Erik were not able to make it due to work related reasons. Funny because the three of them are all working online. I guess the short notice did not help as they were not informed early on. Wilfred and Tingting were also absent because of work related reasons.

In the end, it was only me, Tin, Eden, Hart, Harren and Mate. Before going to Antique, I went with my family to Calinog first. My mother went there to attend a mass held during the fiesta. My father, Fufu and my sister followed at around 8 am.

I know that I would be in a hurry at that time so I packed my bags before going to Calinog. I was not able to ask for a permission yet but I know I’d be leaving and my parents will allow me to do so.

At around 2 pm, we headed back to Iloilo. They left me at SM City where I took a cab to the Antique Terminal in Molo. Arthur and Augustine were already there when I arrived. We entered the first van that we saw and left Iloilo in a matter on minutes.

It was around 8 pm when we arrived in San Jose. It was raining when we got there. We went straight to Eden’s place. And ate our dinner at the restaurant below. After that we went to Eden’s room and rested for the night.

We woke up at around 7 in the morning and prepared ourselves to leave for Culasi. Before taking the tricycle to Dalipe we had our breakfast at Reyeses. It was a cross between a restaurant and a carinderia. We saw a bird making its nest while we were eating there.

The bus conductor in going to Culasi was so nice. He charged us 80 pesos each, student fare even if we did not have an ID. He must have been rebelling with the company that he was working at or he was just being generous that day.

It was lunch time when we got to Culasi. Harren told us to meet him at a carinderia where we were met by a woman who thought Harren was Jacob and that we were friends with her Philhealth friends.

We ate out lunch while waiting for Harren and Mate. After that we bought stuff and met the boatman to take us there. There were no ports in getting there. You just walk off the main street and into other people’s backyard and into the sea where the boat was waiting.

When we got to Malalison Island, we were met by friendly faces. Harren talked to the local officials. The people there were used to tourists but it does not mean they’re less curious.

As a matter of fact, they were staring at us while we were pitching our tents. They offered their Barangay Hall in case there is rain. They said there would be people to guard us at night. They made us feel that the 20 pesos Baranggay Fee that they charge every visitor is indeed worth it.

Arthur and Harren cooked the fish that we brought from Culasi Market. Eden and Augustine pitched the tents. I entertained them all. Nah! I helped in getting rocks for the tents.

Since our tent had a very small fly, we made this improvised fly which looks very funny on the outside. It was a good thing that it didn’t rain or else we’d be repeating our Siquijor experience again.

When the food was cooked, we set to explore the mountainous part of Malalison. The school there was at the top of the mountain. There were pitcher plants, purple soil and lots of “cogon”.

I’ve never been to Batanes but the rolling hills of Malalison looks very Batanes-like. There was a rocky cove and a cave where we rested for a bit. Eden, Harren and Arthur tried to balance rocks for a bit.

Our guides said there was a shortcut in going back, the view spectacular as we wer walking off the ridge with the sunset on our backs and the cliff on our sides.

We then bathed at the beach which made our cogon-scratched legs very itchy. After that, we rinsed at a well nearby. We ate our dinner with the bonfire made by the locals.

They joined us for “socialization”. We gave them our chips, they made sure that the bonfire was alive and kicking. Some of them dances, some of them talked to us. In the end, Harren and Arthur plus the locals there were the “last men standing”.

In the morning, we had our breakfast and repitched our tents. After that we set off to climb the island with a rocky mountain across Malalison. It was not that far as you can walk from the cove where we were the other day and into the island that we are heading to.

There was a natural arch on the island. It was rocky. It did not have a shore. Rommel, our guide told us to come with him to climb to the upper part which is like a 10 storey building. (Sorry, poor in Math and in estimates.)

We took a different route in going up and another route in going down. The view from there is amazing, it was worth the risk and effort. In going down, we took another route. This time it was not rocks but cogons and HOT stones. It was around 10 am when we did this so it was really hot.

After that we bathed again at another well and packed our things. We ate at the same carinderia in Culasi, took a tricycle to the van terminal in going back to Iloilo.